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Jacob’s blessing

In my sleep last night, I thought about why Jacob/Israel crossed his hands and granted greater blessing to Joseph’s youngest son. Joseph was not in favor of his father’s ways. In Jewish culture, the eldest son gets twice the inheritance of the younger son. For some time, I thought that Jacob did this in remembranceContinue reading “Jacob’s blessing”

Curses and Blessings

A friend had an epiphany the other day. She realized that she believed a lie from so many years. Her doctor said she could not exercise nor loose weight. She believed it and made peace with this lie, which is in fact a curse. As I was reading her account, I remembered a similar experienceContinue reading “Curses and Blessings”

Hello, everyone!

My name is Natalie, and I want to share my thoughts and write about things that matter to me. I love Jesus, traveling, food, reading, and life. I would like to write about revelations that I receive and get others’ perspective. Life is a journey, writing is my quiet place, I feel truly alive whenContinue reading “Hello, everyone!”

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