Humans and the Earth

I was thinking the other day about how God made humans from the dust of the earth. We return to dust when we die. Food that God gave us such as plants, vegetables and fruits come from the ground, the earth. I was thinking, could it be that because we come from the earth, ourContinue reading “Humans and the Earth”

The Temple of God

I was reading in 2 Chronicles a few days ago, about the Temple that King Solomon built to God. The temple was very elaborate, with precious stones, gold and other quality materials. It was an opulent beautiful Temple, truly fit for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The building took time andContinue reading “The Temple of God”

Cute dress…but where is your belt?

Cute dress…but where is your belt? This was my mother’s response everything time I dressed up and willingly ignored wearing a belt. When I was a child, my mother ensured that my siblings and I were neatly dressed before leaving the house for church and other functions. The night before, she will pick out dresses,Continue reading “Cute dress…but where is your belt?”