Curses and Blessings

A friend had an epiphany the other day. She realized that she believed a lie from so many years. Her doctor said she could not exercise nor loose weight. She believed it and made peace with this lie, which is in fact a curse. As I was reading her account, I remembered a similar experience I myself had in my life. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at an early age, my doctor told me that I could not exercise or play sport ever. Physical activity could aggravate the disease and cause negative impact to my internal organs. It was only in college that I decided to reverse that curse. One day, 20 years ago, I decided that I would workout like everyone else, and I haven’t looked back since. I was meditating this morning, on the fact that we curse ourselves knowingly and unknowingly. We belittle ourselves, and we speak harsh words when we make a mistake. I realized that I spoke things over myself that were not true. Under a cover of humility, I often told myself, I was nothing, I was not important, nobody cares about me, I am a nobody, or I don’t know anything. I confessed these words to the Lord, and repented and replace them with blessings! I am a child of God, God cares for me, I matter to God, and I know that Jesus redeemed me. These are my blessings, that I will intentionally speak over my being every day.

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I am a dreamer, love to read, think and write.

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